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6ix9ine Before Famous
Real Name: Daniel Hernandez | content: Bio , Photos, Videos

6ix9ine Before Famous
photo: 6ix9ine Before Face Tattoos and only '69' inked on his arm

6ix9ine Before Famous
photo: 6ix9ine tossing up the Crip 'C' with his hands before the rap fame

CD Copy of 6ix9ine "Day69: Graduation Day" Album
photo: CD Copy of 6ix9ine "Day69: Graduation Day" Album

6ix9ine With 9Tre Blood Gang Members of Brooklyn, New York City
photo: 6ix9ine With 9Tre Blood Gang Members of Brooklyn, New York City&

Daniel Hernandez was born May 8th, 1996 at a hospital in New York City, New York. His nationality is Puerto Rican and Mexican. Though of a lighter complexion, his bloodlines do originte from places connected to the African-Diaspora, which surprises many people who think he's pure Mexican.

Originally a class clown and actor, Hernandez did not want to be a Hip Hop music star at all as a kid. Instead he dreamed of being a film director and thought his creative visions would land him a career in Hollywood. He began creating interesting shock content for the internet that he simply thought was cool in 2013, which caught tons of attention.

From the social media popularity, friends from Tekashi's neighborhood thought the Mexi-Rican stuntman should put on for the neighborhood as a rapper. The friend(s) were convinced his swagger would be well received by the world. With short conversations, soon after 6ix9ine began dabbling in music for fun and from there his Dreams of a rap career blossomed. The rest would become today's chart-topping history.

Impacting Moments
There are two stories that are just as deeply embedded in the skin and character of 69, just as much as his repetitive tattoos. As a baby, his biological father left him and his mother. At two years old however, another man became his childhood father figure. At age 12 or 13, that man which he knew as his real father admitted he was not his parent by blood. In that same 13th year, the father he grew with and loved dearly was murdered in Brooklyn. Tekashi was 1 block away at the time of his pop's slaying and was given graphic detail of the scene by neighbors.

A hard truth to carry, 6ix9ne feels a light guilty about the murder. Before he went to the store, Tekashi told his father he didn't want to go with him to the store that day. He never got to see him alive again after declining the walk.

The second major impact in 69's life derived from his shock media content filmings days. Invited to Harlem by some associates to film new viral videos & party, a 17-year-old Tekashi would get one of the worst offenses of his life from teh meet up. Hernandez recorded a group of guys and a young female doing sexually charged acts (not rape, not having sex). The girl in the video allegedly told 6ix9ine she was 19-years-old. After the girl went missing shortly after the filming, it was uncovered she was lying. The girl was only 13-years-old , a minor, and when Police went to search for her, Tekashi's video was uncovered. In the video he was slapping the girls buttocks and she danced on his Harlem friends half-naked, which was illegal. Being underaged, he was charged with sexual misconduct with a minor. This event it what causes many to consider him a pedophile, though he did not have sex with the girl nor try to.

While most known Tekashi 6ix9ine as being "TreyWay" or "Tr3yWay," this is not what he represented at the beginning of his Hip-Hop career. A youth torn emotionally by the streets that murdered his father , Tekashi joined in a local Brooklyn crew from Flatbush that had a movement rolling which paid homage to Wu-Tang. "S.C.U.M. Gang," which was said to be started by someone in Brooklyn named Dizzy [ video explanations: Original Crew | 6ix9ine talks ]. The crew was a team of people living under the a lifestyle that identified with the moniker Society Can't Understand Me.

The 'SCUM Life' was originally said to be about self-expression. A subculture social group allowing artists feel comfortable in being themself, delivering truth. Many of those in the Hip Hop culture crew were tatted across the body, gang associated, and gifted with the skill of rhyem. All of the group was discussing the underbelly of society. The way these people were living is said to have inspired 6ix9ine entire style that we view today. While 69 claims he started 'SCUM Gang' in many interviews, it's not true.

Treyway, Nine Tre Gangster Blood Set
Tekashi today is most famous for yelling out the crew 'Tr3yway.' While its the name of his record label in business, to the streets of New York City and much of the underworld, it is also an infamous New York Blood gang, TreyWay [ Nine 3 Gangter Blood set ].

There is a lot of controversey in the streets behind ths affiliation. He was barred by a New York probation court from saying the term anymore publicly in October 2018. Also, famed Tr3yway Blood Billy Ado, who was once part of Tekashi's inner circle, says the rapper and his manager Shotti need to stop false claiming the gang. According to Ado, the Gummo rapper never put in work on the streets and is offending everyone who's claimed or claims the gang with his statements of running/founding Tr3yWay.

6ix9ine has not stopped claiming the Nine Tre Gangster Blood for either officials, courts nor the official street legend Billy Ado. As recently as November 2018, he can be seen 'banging' the set in Los Angeles, California. When confronted by reputed Bompton, Californi Tree Top Piru Slim 400 [ video here ] for his disrepect to LA gang culture, he appeared to once again clam the Nine Tre blood gang.

Claiming Crip Gang too...
Many speculate that 6ix9ine's gangster is merely a character and 'paid relationship' to help boost his crediblity in Hip Hop worldwide. This speculation is made mainly because of the many photos and videos of him from before famous where he held the blue flag and was seen tossing up the crip hand symbol/sign, "C." While only 6ix9ine can know why he did this, rapper The Game says no real Blood gang member does such things, while 69 contests he was just chillin with his friends before he officially became a Nine Tre blood gang member.

Rap Beef & Trolling
While Billy Ado's beef is legitimately the worst for 6ix9ine to have, since it is centered in his hometown Brooklyn, it's far from the only one. Tekashi's success has been much amplified from the public disputes with countless 'cities' and Hip Hop celebrities. He's had beef with Mexican, Crips, Bloods, and Tango Orejon gang sets. In rap, he has had beef with Casanova 2x, YG, Slim 400, Trippie Redd, Chief Keef & Glo Gang, Lil Durk & OTF, Ludacris, Ebro of Hot97, Kodak Black, Cosculluela, Acie High of Aqualeo, producer Pi'erre Borne, former Tr3yway artist Feby [see here], and likely more. In these inflamed war of words, he's essentially told all of these artists 'suck my dick,' excluding Acie High who got hands on at Los Angeles Airport LAX [see fight video here].

A lot of these rap beefs came from 6ix9ine being unapologetic for insensitive comments towards rappers and their cities. Many of those comments were just oddball humor from 69, which he believes is a stupid reason for his enemies to even have stress. However, after people respond to the trolling humor, the SCUM gang rapper gets directly disrespectful to the subjects that come forward. His most serious beefs have escalated to acts outside of rap, usually captured for his social media or public bystandards.

6ix9ine made videos in bed and fondling Chief Keef's baby mama Slim Danger along with former long-time girlfriend of Trippie Redd, Ayleks. Beef with Casanova 2x was settled with a man-to-man conversation, but caused a shootout at Barclay' Arena before the beef was rested. There has been a shooting surruonding his beef with Chief Keef and the Glo Gang, which many say is unsettled at the moment. Ebro of Hot97 banned 6ix9ine from performing at New York City's premier Hip Hop event, Summer Jam. Many rumor Billy Ado has something to do with Tekashi getting kidnapped and robbed for his jewelry, while others say it was simply stunt for press. James Prince Jr was hunting down the 'FeFe' rapper at SXSW Hip Hop music festival in Texas with 50 goons [watch here], which 69 caught wind of early and 'ducked out of twon.'

Tekashi has lost money behind his antics as well. After he told YG and Slim400 his favorite quote, 'suck my d--k,' it has caused various Los Angeles shows and appearances of his to be cancelled. In November 2018 he was denied entry into mjor event, 'Comicon,' by Slim of 400 entertainment himself. Ludacris cancelled the 6ix9ine appearance for "Luda Day" in Atlanta after the rapper's rude outbursts towards him for the Fast N' Furious star's response on Tekashi's future on tv show 'Wild N' Out' [see here]. Last, of course, James Prince Jr took the stage to publicly cancel 6ix9ine's appearance at WorldStarHipHop's Concert for SXSW 2018 [see video here].

Rap Success ... Overcoming The Beef
Tekashi is battling his way through all the drama and beef. The former self-proclaimed King of New York and now King of Music Worldwide, has still found a way to be successful and escape most scuffles and threats. He's toured the world, where he is not banned, and become a social media super nova. His instagram has nearly 15 million followers. On Youtube the Tekashi 6ix9ine channel hs 5.1 million subscribers with videos totalling 900-million viws.

His most famous rap video to date, "FeFe" featuring Nicki Minaj, has nearly 500-million views since its' debut on July 22nd, 2018. Both "Gummo" and "BeBe" also have astounding view counts with over 300-million views each. Trailing those three smash hits are 'Kooda,' 'KeKe',' and 'Gotti' which also have over 200-million views via WorldStarHipHop's YT channel.

Sales and downloads wise, 6ix9ine has topped the rap charts with every single he's released since the success of 'Gummo.' His catalog of song releases viewed on is quite an impressive resume for any artist, especially one who's beefed with such a high number of Hip Hop industry heavyweights. His enemies have been known to place major downward effects on rappers' careers in their collective pasts. It makes 6ix9ine seem to be 'teflon' status.

RIAA Statuses of all 6ix9ine's singles are platinum and gold. His album, "Day69: Graduation" has not yet went platinum but did an impressive first week of 55,000 copies sold 20k copies were pure sales. It debuted in March 2018 in the top 5 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-hop albums chart.

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